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Cares Take Off

It starts with the jets we provide, as we partner you with the exact solution you’re looking for at 30,000 relaxing feet.

“We Bring Enrichment to the Charter Experience Through Services.”

Continuing Excellence

During a Fortress flight, “passenger” is the last word we’d use to describe how we treat you.
While in our care, you call enjoy:

Satellite Television

WiFi Where Available

Massage Service

Manicure Service

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

Fine Dining Options From a Pre-Selected Menu

Seating Suited for Business Talks

Relaxing Time With Luxurious Charter

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Fortress Jets is an agent. We provide air charter services to our clients. Fortress Jets is not a direct or an indirect air carrier. We do not own our own or operate our own aircraft. Fortress Jets selects airplanes that are certified by the FAA and registered with the United States Department of Transportation. All flights are operated by Part 135 air carriers.


Fortress understands the importance of delivering a quality of service unseen in most sectors. Fortress also provides the proper level of personalized dedication those accustomed to esteemed levels of service from around the globe expect.